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It's time to get to know the Bayerno "NFT" Mafia, what it is, how it works and what benefits Bayerno skins bring you.

➡️What is Bayerno "NFT" Mafia?
It is a project with NFT characters. The NFT characters are part of a virtual mafia story that doesn't exist in reality. The idea is that these characters that you buy, the business in their stories really exist! This means that if the character with Bernardo Bonanno is paid for by the mafia bosses through a catering business that he handles, so that everything seems legal, with 15% of the profit obtained by this company, the owner of this character receives the 15% in the declared account.

Attention! The contract is made very clear for the owner of nft. So as long as you own the NFT, you will receive the commission specified on the card share that your character gets.

✅ The trucks are under construction and it is necessary to complete the kitchens, which are made from the money you gave to NFT Character. This gives you the degree of investor, and each NFT has a different contract with different commission rates that you get from the profit of the business.

✅Some characters can be involved in several businesses and this is due to the other 2 categories of our App. The Taxi for passenger transport and the Services. Each character has a different story and different commission rates so be careful when buying them!

In conclusion, we want to build one of the largest investor networks and together we will create one of the largest Brands.

➡️What are the benefits of NFT characters?

Each character has different business commissions or maybe just one.🤔

👉 Some characters can be cheaper, and with the money from them we can only finish a kitchen so that character can have a commission only from the profit of that kitchen.

👉 Another example of characters are those who own several businesses. You may have already noticed that we also have the Taxi and Services categories, so they may have a commission fee from the kitchen they financed from the taxi company or even from the subscriptions in the Services category.

👉 Let's not forget, however, those characters that are perhaps more expensive for some and do not understand why. Those characters who hold the ranks of Capo Bastone, Capo Crime or other titles of leaders, have commissions from all the businesses on the map. This means that if we reach a number of 25 kitchens, 200 taxi drivers and over 100 service subscriptions, they will have a share of absolutely all Bayerno points! That's interesting right now, isn't it?

➡️What is the road ahead?

✅ The trucks are already under construction and will be ready by the end of August. We are talking here only about its construction, the installation of the Slide-Out system, the electricity / gas system and its insulation.

👉 Next up is the sale of NFT characters that will allow us to complete the kitchens, and this includes: Purchasing the kitchen, assembling it and purchasing the raw materials needed to open it.

ATTENTION! It is not necessary to sell all NFTs. These will appear along the way, but for every NFT sale, a quick plan to complete a kitchen will be applied immediately. In conclusion, immediately after purchasing the NFT, we will try to focus only on the kitchen that was funded. Immediately after opening and setting it up, we will immediately start the next kitchens.

👉 The beginning of the legal steps of the completed kitchens and other preparations. (Necessary documents, registration, employees + delivery cars for the first months we already have.)

👉 Announcing the opening day and starting the activity

After the launch of each kitchen, we try our best to also promote the categories of Services and Taxi to make sure that we cover the entire area.

➡️What extra benefits does each character receive?

👉 Each owner of the first NFTs launched receives full access to the involvement of the following projects. We have a special channel where we will leave there all the projects that will follow immediately after the completion of the catering, taxi and services companies. We want to get involved in other businesses and we want to offer investors the opportunity to invest in future business!

If an NFT owner does not want to invest in the new project, he will still receive 1% of the profit of the project running in his area. That means more income for you, more work for us.

👉 There will be more maps. One map for each major city in Bayern. The first map is that of Munich. After the opening of all 5 Munich kitchens, the Munich network will be complete. We will try every 2 years to organize meetings / parties in each area with the team in that area. We will discuss current business there, listen to your ideas and try to evolve your business to earn more.

👉 Every NFT owner has the opportunity to increase their character rank by purchasing extra NFTs.

👉 Other benefits will be provided along the way and will be announced here ...



🖐️ First of all, I would like to thank you for your presence here. We will try to talk as briefly as possible about Bayerno, what it is or at least what it will be. Bayerno is a German Start-Up, unique in its coverage area. We recently launched a mobile App on the front page where people are greeted by a warm welcome message and 3 important categories that we will talk about now:

➡️ 1.Food Orders: This category is similar to the Lieferando, Wolt and other food delivery apps. It's just that this category where people can order food is connected to our own kitchens! So we will work with our own product. We want to open the first 5 kitchens in Munich first, which will allow us to fully cover the delivery range in Munich. How do kitchens work?

*We do not want to rent commercial spaces !!! We want to save the rent money because it brings us a much higher profit. I recently bought 5 large trucks. All trucks will be modified with a Slide-Out system that will allow the room to be extended to a size of approximately 6.5 meters long and 5.20 meters wide. That means a room of about 33 square meters that can accommodate a super kitchen. We will place the kitchens on rented spaces supplied with electricity and water and the rental costs are around 500-800 Euro compared to a commercial space that costs 4,500 euros per month + 7500 minimum deposit. Kitchens will only cater. The people orders through our own application + other super popular applications from Germany. We want to create special menus for work breaks at great prices and the rest of the products will be Italian (Pizza + pasta.) Drivers who will deliver food are not a problem because we offer the opportunity to all who want a second job to do it by car own or by bike through our APP . This is how we save sallary + tax costs for salaries. With the help of the app, when a person orders the orders will be placed to the nearest Bayerno point. We have 5, so we cover the whole of Munich.

➡️ 2.Services: The service category allows any company to register and publish the services it offers and their price. People will then be able to easily book their services and make payments online. (Are you looking for a builder, gardener, cleaning services for your home or a plumber? You will find absolutely everything here.)

This category works on the basis of subscriptions and commission from each transaction.

➡️ 3.Taxi : One of the categories I appreciate about this project is this. Bayerno offers the possibility to anyone in Munich who has an elegant car to do Ride Sharing / Taxi. This system is the same as Uber only we have a very advanced computing system. The rates are calculated especially for the driver to withdraw the money for gasoline from the point where he received the order to the customer and including the fuel from the customer to the destination. This way, the driver will have 100% guaranteed profit on each order. Here's a simple example of how convenient it is to be a Bayerno driver:

🟢A driver is in point A and receives a command which is point B. The distance from A to B is 5.86km.

🟢The distance from B to C, ie the point where the customer wants to reach is 18.95km.

🟢Our driver has a consumption of 9.5l / 100km and this means that for the 24.81km he does in total (A> B> C), he consumes 3.89 Euro petrol.

🟢The race he does has a total of 23.98 Euros and from here he deducts the following expenses:

-Gasoline: -3.89 Eur

-Commission: -2.87Eur

-State tax: -2.15Eur

and his net profit is 15.07 Euros for the race he did. With the help of the street surveys I did, I noticed that all the drivers were interested in this offer and I received many questions about the launch of the project.

↘️ The main idea is that in addition to the catering services we want to open and we wanted our own application, we said to add 2 other very important categories, so we can increase the company's revenue. It all started with the idea of food delivery apps. I saw how used they are and I said, like having an app for food orders, where people can work part-time as drivers, but all this should be from their own restaurants / kitchens. Crazy right?

↘️ ‼️ Immediately after the launch of the first 5 kitchens, we want to expand throughout the Bayern region, Germany as is our name "Bayerno". After opening the kitchens, we will start the expansion phase in which we will give people the chance to franchise our kitchens. They pay the entrance fee, we build the kitchen, we place it, we do all the legal steps and then we let it go and it takes care of it in its entirety. I consider that I have placed the ideas well and I have also made one of the best business plans in Bayern.‼️